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Are you looking for a promising career in finance and accounting? If so, the Accounting could be for you. 

Downtown Campus

Upcoming classes: 


Saint-Laurent Campus


Upcoming classes: 


Courses Objectives

   To develop the skills necessary to complete accounting tasks such as: to calculate and prepare the bills, invoices, receipts, payments, etc. of a business, to manage the petty cash, to produce the payroll, to calculate prices, to accurately complete and verify work for daily accounting tasks, to complete end of fiscal period and end of year tasks, produce income tax forms, and to create an accounting system.

Registration Requirements

  • Permanent Resident Card or Citizenship Card or Landing paper

  • Medical Card

  • CSQ or Lease

  • Birth Certificate or passport

  • Proof of address in Quebec (lease, municipal tax bills or school tax bills)

  • An undergraduate or higher degree/equivalency (original diploma and transcripts and translated version


This program is targeted to individuals who like to work with numbers, help make strategic business recommendations, and work individually and collaborate with others

Students who have successfully completed the course will receive a Certification of Studies: Attestation of Vocational Specialty (A.V.S.)

Tips for financial aid application

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