Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business in Canada? If so, this program matches perfectly your needs!

Upcoming classes Downtown Campus


Start A Business in French 2:

April 8 (THU & FRI) (Option A) Morning


April 10 (SAT) 9 AM-16:30 PM

April 12 (MON-WED) 9 AM-12:15 PM

April 12 (MON-WED) 18 PM-21:15 PM

April 13 (TUE-THU) 9 AM-12:15 PM

April 28 (WED) 9 AM-16:30 PM

May 10 (MON-WED) 9 AM-12:15 PM

May 10 (MON-WED) 18 PM-21:15 PM

May 13 (THU-FRI) 9 AM-12:15 PM

May 15 (SAT) 9 AM-14:30 PM



Courses Objectives

To provide students with an awareness of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur; to explore the creation of value through the process of starting a new business venture; to teach students the skills required to prepare and present a professional business plan. 

Saint-Laurent Campus

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Registration Requirements

  • Permanent Resident Card or Citizenship Card or Landing paper

  • Medical Card

  • CSQ or Lease

  • Birth Certificate or passport

  • proof of address in Quebec (lease, municipal tax bills or school tax bills)


This program targets to individuals who seek to become an entrepreneur and to start their own business in Canada. Students who have successfully completed the course will receive a Certification of Studies: Attestation of Vocational Specialty (A.V.S.)

Program Schedule

Tips for financial aid application

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