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High School Entrance Exam Preparatory Program

High School is a major stage of your children's lifetime. Hence, choosing an ideal secondary educational institution is a very important decision to make. At FengYe College, we offer academic services to help students succeed in their entrance exams. 

Course Description

The program is mainly targeted to grade 4, 5 and 6 students. Representing the most important program of FengYe College, we offer highly experienced and educated teachers to analyze the examination system and to enhance students' knowledge in various subjects. Classes are divided depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Every year, we help around 150-250 candidates to get admitted into their ideal high school. For instance, in 2012,  among our 200 students who registered to our program, 43 entered into College International de Montreal; 56 into College Jean-Eudes; 46 into College Jean-de-Brebeuf. 

When are the courses offered?

Fengye College offers High School Entrance Preparatory classes during the weekend, summer and spring. The weekend classes help students to receive a general understanding of the examination system and to improve their academic performances. The main courses consist of: French, Math, Logic and English. The summer camp consists of an intensive 9 weeks training courses in various school subject. Our teachers help students to review what they have learned in the previous year, to prepare them for the following academic year as well as for the entrance exam. During the two months of summer camp, four mock exams and two parent-teacher conferences will be given by FengYe College. Students will be evaluated on their academic achievement and will be given exam tips by our director and teaching staffs. 

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