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Starting a career in sales will help you build professional connections, enhance your communication skills and deliver values to clients. 

Upcoming classes Downtown Campus

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August 10th (Saturday-Sunday and Wednesday hybrid) 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

August 12th (Monday-Wednesday and Sunday hybrid) 9.00 am to 4.00 pm




Courses Objectives

Registration Requirements


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To provide students the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become qualified salespeople; to communicate effectively with customers and to give them advice; to market products and to integrate harmoniously into a retail business; to acquire sales techniques.

  • Permanent Resident Card or Citizenship Card or Landing paper

  • Medical Card

  • CSQ or Lease

  • Birth Certificate or passport

  • proof of address in Quebec (lease, municipal tax bills or school tax bills)

  • Register fee 50$

  • EQUIVALENCY, if you don't have your equivalency, we need YOUR ORIGINAL DIPLOMA AND ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT IN ENGLISH OR FRENCH, if not we still need THE TRANSLATION CERTIFICATE OF YOUR DIPLOMA AND TRANSCRIPT, the payment 70$ to  and forward the confirmation email from your bank to

This program is targeted to individuals who like to communicate with people and who seek to enter the sales and marketing industry. Students who have successfully completed the course will receive a Certification of Studies: Attestation of Vocational Specialty (A.V.S.)

Tips for financial aid application

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