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Winter Day Camps Program

Winter Day Camps program occurs during the two weeks of Christmas holidays. Students will take the opportunity to learn and to have fun with teachers and friends. Classes are offered for both Pre-School, Elementary and High School students.  

Programs offered during Summer Day Camps

  • High School Entrance Exam Preparation day camps (grade 4-6)

  • Pre-School englightenment day camps 

  • Elementary students day camps (grade 1-6)

  • High school students day camps (grade 7-11)

  • Welcome class day camps (age 5-17)


Classes are grouped depending on the age, academic level, strenghts and weaknesses of the students. 


Main Courses Provided: French, Math, Logic, English, History, Science, Music and Arts


Day Care Services: Monday- Friday 7:30-9:00 am; 4:30-6:00pm

(an additional fee of $25 will be charged per week)

Afternoon activities 

In the afternoon, we provide various activities for our students. These activities include:

  • chess lessons

  • drawing lessons

  • music and singing lessons

  • museum visits

  • movies

  • ski and winter skating

  • road trips

Lunch Services

We provide microwaves for students who need to heat their lunch. Please do not bring food that needs to be heated for more than 3 minutes. 

For those who don't have lunch, you can order food at school for a cost of:

  • $5- small portion

  • $7- medium portion

  • $10- large portion 

School Bus Services

No bus services are provided for the Winter Day Camps program. 

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